"258 Playlist Network" Connects Curators and artist, who are both looking to grow their following! Let us help you accomplish this goal...

Featured Artist

Are you ready to take your career to the next level ? 

Featured Artist

$ 250
  • 30 Days of Rotation (3 Spins Per Day) (90 Spins Monthly)
  • Daily Promo Tweets Every Time Your Song Is Aired (3 Tweets A Day) (90 Tweets A Month)
  • Featured In Our Next To Blow Section For 24 hours
  • 8 Minute Mini Interview
  • Single Aired On DJ Mix Show
  • Written Music Review
  • Song Featured On (The Flexaco Review Show)
  • Single Shared From Over 15 Social Media Accounts
  • Your Drop Will Be Added To The Station For 30 Days
  • Your Single Or Video Will Be Posted on 5 25/8 Affiliate Sites, & 20 Additional Blogs
  • Song Added To Spotify Playlist

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